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The Student - Denise Hardin

Will V-Day Be Me-Day Too?
Critical Analysis of the Selected Poem
The Student - Denise Hardin
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A week before the Christmas of 1969 the doctor told the mother of Denise Bonhart she was scheduling her to come into the hospital on December 23rd to deliver her baby. He was concern that she was larger than normal and believed she had a tumor growing with the child. The doctor informed he would do a cesarean to remove the baby and depending on the location of the tumor he would perform a biopsy. The child’s father was concern because he was out of town and not schedule to get home until Christmas. He worked for the railroad as a cook and he could not afford to leave.


The morning of December 23, 1969 the mother checked into the hospital. She was accompanied by her sister and good friend. She was prepped and taken into the delivery room. Fortunately the doctor decided to allow her to have the baby naturally. After one hour of labor pains and pushing the child was born at 12:28 in the afternoon. As the doctor was congratulating the mother and cleaning up, the nurse let out a scream, “Doctor, Doctor another baby is coming”. He rushed back into position and that tumor turned out to be the twin sister of Denise. She was delivered at 12:30 pm.


Since then the sisters have been either very close or very apart. The twin sister now lives in Cleveland, OH and Denise lives in Memphis. Currently she is a divorced mother of two, a college student, a provider and an active person in her church. She enjoys watching her boys play sports and the family rides their bikes together.


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