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Something About Me

Something About Me
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My name is Denise Hardin. I am 35 years old and I currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee. I have two boys - Joshua is seven and Justin is six. My twin sister (Denita) resides in Cleveland, Ohio and my brother (Carlos) lives in Chicago. They both migrated to the north and claim they love it better than Memphis. We have spirited discussions on the pros and cons of living in the South verses the North. Most of the debates end as a draw. After all we all defend our respective homes because we love the cities we live in.


I work for a global pharmaceutical company. My job title is Materials and Logistics Specialists. In laymen's term I purchase raw materials that make our products and I do some inventory control. I love what I do but I am interested in moving up the corporate ladder, at least the part of the ladder located in Memphis. Presently I am not interested in relocating.


I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Organizational Management through the Tennessee Regents Online Degree Program. My home school is The University of Memphis. I am most excited about graduating this spring. It has been a long journey but one that was well worth it.


Besides going to school and being a full-time mom; I love to read; sing; watch television; spend time with my family and work at my church. I am the administrative assistant at my church, a Sunday School teacher and one of the choir directors. I also sell Avon (hint: the reason for the makeup graphics).


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